Geoffrey Angela

Geoffrey Angela

Lira University is a Government founded Institute of Higher learning that was started as a Constituent College of Gulu University in 2009.The University is located on a plateau with an excellent and inviting panoramic View of the vast expanse of land in the surrounding countryside of Ayere, 2 & 1/2 km off Kampala – Lira road from Amuca or 10 km from Lira Town

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  1. Lira University

    BULAMU ID, the information will be kept safe by cryptography technology because the platform is gong to be based on block chain technology

  2. Lira University

    On Bachelor of Medicine , the University Management is working hard to get the programme in place sooner. The Faculty of Medicine and lecturers are already in place

  3. Lira University

    This exhibition is eye opening, great innovations!

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