Welcome to your User Account

Note: That you are currently logged in as an exhibitor and this account allows you to manage your booths, exhibitor’s profile, venues, zoom meetings, access user guides, contact support and a lot more. Follow below to get started.

What can you do from here?

From your account, you have access to the booths you have created, exhibition profile, venue and meetings/webinars. The account also allows you to create, update, delete and cancel any listing you have established.

Connecting your account to zoom

For you to be able to create zoom meetings/webinars you MUST first connect you account to zoom system using the provided API keys.

API Keys:  Urd9wcGATJiCPU8vi7Npqw

API Secret Key: juAkmhyahnqHnqqtFR4fihtgdOHwgFi5xDP2

After, go to the menu, hover on the Manage Meetings, from the drop-down menu choose Submit Zoom Meeting / Webinar Form Page. A form will open and enter those keys respectively, you can also enable some of your favourable settings and click on the save settings. Success! your account is connected.